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对于新加坡而言,麦里芝蓄水池是特别的存在,被誉为“新加坡的绿肺”,是新加坡第一个蓄水池,拥有百年历史。 在不久的将来,麦里芝蓄水池附近,还会出现一个“复刻版”。从形状轮廓,到地形地势,甚至小区的游泳池都与麦里芝的河道对应! 这样巧夺天工的设计,来自知名建筑设计师Paul Tange。他擅长将建筑与环境有机结合,古典与现代并存,在钢筋混凝土的大都市打造一个诗意的环境。 世界许多地方都有他的大作,比如北京华彬费尔蒙酒店,建筑外部采用标志性的玫瑰金色玻璃幕墙,外形和颜色,都致敬了古老的中式城门,矗立在北京CBD商业区的入口处,实力诠释“现代中国风”。 Paul Tange的风格承自他父亲,曾获得建筑界的最高荣誉——普利兹克建筑奖的殿堂级建筑设计师Kenzo Tange。 作为顶级设计师,他们的建筑可以完美地融入到周围环境中,但又好似画龙点睛一般,成为风景中最别致亮眼的部分。 Kenzo Tange设计的若人の広場公園 前不久,Paul Tange在新加坡中心“画”了一幅立体的山水长卷,随后由青建地产把依山傍水、移步换景的顺福轩(JadeScape)住宅项目,展现在世人面前。 Paul Tange在顺福轩依地势“造山”,七座塔楼交错排列,仿佛重峦叠嶂,颇有“横看成岭侧成峰”的意思~ 木纹饰面的建筑框架,灵感依旧来源于大自然,模仿高山上飞流直下的瀑布,层次分明。巧妙的设计不但美观,还可以减轻阳光直射,优化自然通风。 顺福轩的整体色调,选用了红褐色和木色,暖色系打破了玻璃幕墙的刚性,再加上绿树的映衬,营造出一种进入山林的感觉。 至于水景,不但与旁边的麦里芝蓄水池向呼应,顺福轩的设计好似亚洲园林,森林小溪、泡泡小溪、跌水瀑布、生态池、锦鲤池……一步一景,转一个弯,就是柳暗花明又一村~ 两个50米长的游泳池贯穿整个小区,还有许多分支,不少房间都可以看到池景。 顺福轩拥有超过100个公共设施,健身房、烧烤台、多功能室等都不止一个,还有卡拉OK、小型电影院、模拟高尔夫等娱乐设施,让每个住户可以尽情享受生活,“隐居山林”怡然自乐~ 受东方书法、自然和风景的启发,顺福轩公共区域的内部装修风格也是精心选择了上好的大理石,配以中性色调的墙体和家居,与外界相呼应,同时让人觉得温暖。 就连顺福轩项目的英文名“JadeScape”,都最大限度契合了山、水、自然的意境。 “Jade”是“玉”,在华人文化中一向有着崇高地位,把它看作是天地精气的结晶,而“Scape”则取自“Landscape” (景观) ,顺福轩里放眼望去郁郁葱葱,正如一块不可多得的上好碧玉。 山、水、自然的设定,契合了华人的风水文化。俗话说“山主人丁,水主财”,水是生命之源,没有水的山就仿佛没有灵魂,所以麦里芝蓄水池一向被奉为新加坡的风水宝地。 更重要的是,位于汤申一带的顺福轩,正好坐落在新加坡五条龙脉之一财富之龙之上。 新加坡知名玄学大师叶威明对顺福轩进行了风水勘察后,发现这里聚集了四大元素:龙(自然山脉) 、水(水流的形成和特点) 、砂(外在环抱的地形) 以及向(方向和位置) 。 顺福轩的西面、西北面、北面和东北面的高地形成“来龙”,这种地形是气的主要来源,气从高处流向顺福轩,对居民的财运有利。此外,这种地形也有“靠山”的特质,意味着在工作和生活中会得到帮助。 顺福轩外围是“流水地形”,西南方向又是麦里芝蓄水池,水是风水中非常活跃的阳气元素,“流水地形”可以促进正气聚集,代表住户将来的资产价值将不断提升。 位于顺福轩南面、西南面和西面的玉尺星,符合风水学“玉枕土星出平地,一举登利第”的说法,这种独特的格局有助于提升住户的身份和地位。 围绕着顺福轩的山丘也形成了“白虎过堂”格局,有助于加强权力和威望,转化为事业的动力,并得到同辈认同。风水中有这样的说法:官职坐朝堂,团团圆如筍上头方,一似新月到,面前如白虎转来抱。 顺福轩的东面和东北面,可以看到“青龙砂”格局,这是在城市环境中难得一见的强劲护卫格局,有助于把“气”留在此地,蜿蜒流动带入能量,让住在这里的人们可以从特别设计的风水气场中受益无穷,世代延续。 在风水学里讲究,人造环境越是接近自然环境,风水越好。顺福轩屋外的绿意盎然,与建筑的木元素相结合,创造了一个和谐的共生空间。 如此“上风上水”,景色优美的楼盘,自去年开盘以来,就深受大家喜爱。如果感兴趣,可以去新加坡史上最大售楼部,看看有没有自己中意的房型
In future , engineering may power the houses of JadeScape
We are thinking about finding Singapore in to a wise world. To do so, however, we must produce a living space therefore that individuals can utilize engineering to ease, better and improve our lives in several respects.
So it’s precisely what the new condominium JadeScape is going to do.
The whole building in Shunfu has wise traits that allow people to acquire all the advantage of technology for a smooth living environment that is unrivaled.
“As an intelligent house creator for Singapore in 2016 with the Visionaire, we purpose at discovering new frontiers on home areas with better characteristics at home,” said Mr. Li Jun, handling director of Qingjian Realty, the JadeScape designer group.
Incorporated experience
JadeScape’s smartly designed functions permit the citizens to reside intelligently and protect six types of benefits-intelligent security, performance, welfare, living, community and care.
Each system helps the unit and cellular system therefore that all intelligent characteristics in the house are done easily and fast, including:
· Face acceptance technology for Lift Lobby offers quickly and safe entry to your house.
· Clever air-conditioner-cum-eco water heater to heat the container at the condenser with reclaimed spend oil, supporting to save 35% of power bills.
· Fitted dishwashing unit and drainage which decreases the time for cleaning by 50%. If the cleaning has been done, individuals are notified that their cellular device. In fact, dishwashers are accustomed to acquire around 99.99% of toxic substances and pathogens from fruits and veggies ultrasonically. Furthermore, an alkaline blocked water filter unit is needed.
The wise JadeScape programs extend around the complete house due largely to Singtel’s Narrow-band Internet of Points (NB-IoT). The citizens might use real-time monitoring of vehicle clean solutions, while intelligent sensors identify technical problems or escapes of mild and water supplies. The condominium maintenance staff and nearest and dearest will straight away have a force observe if the smoking is detected at home by the wise smoking detector.
A mobile application allows locators to accomplish a stereo-free and effective collection of activities. As an example, homeowners can utilize them slightly before entering home to pay maintenance expenses, guide adds, connect with the ac and unlock the doors.
MULTI-GENERATION living in ability service. JadeScape supplies a confined range of condos expressly made for anybody who want to remain perfectly and appreciate their full golden year in the same condo as their infants’families.
Such “Silver Standard Houses” are meant to satisfy four main targets for elderly adults collaborating with organization and fitness professionals: developing a balanced residing atmosphere and offering 24 hours each day health care; providing healthier diet and natural solutions; and selling a happier lifestyle by cultural connections in the home.
Found round the staircase and on the deck, the amenities have lightly inclining steps, soft surfaces in the developing, pull- down rails on hydraulic dishes and closets, reduced kitchens and counter-access vanities, convenient entry with toilet accessibility and handrails, carriers, clever tiles and a wall-in shower.
Custom silver houses come equipped with a two-way IP camera, a sleep monitor and a customized tailor-made control panel along with brilliant home automation for many Jade Scape versions.
Moreover, the gymnasium of JadeScape includes aged equipment that enhances energy , control, versatility and agility.
Mr Li said:’We allow us a life-style to conform to the increasing citizenry of elderly individuals who are financially secure and need autonomy.’
CENTRALLY Green Oasis found
JadeScape in the middle of Singapore using its spacious 1,206-unit condominium, with transportation stores, stores , restaurants, schools and other features in the region, is preferably located. It’s six eateries, over 100 popular attractions and provides panoramic opinions of the MacRitchie River Park.
The Asian design of the yard may be the highlight of the hotel and offers a wide variety of 1-5-bedrooms and a penthouse influenced by the quiet reservoir of the neighboring MacRitchie.
The 4 or 5 rooms have special lifts but in all exceptional penthouse residences you can find expansive spaces of 4,198 sq ft.
It’s a much more practical project for the future and much more than a home, due to Jade Scape’s great place in the town centre, detailed and smarte purposes and multi-generation live alternative.

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