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JadeScape Floor Plan
JadeScape Developer
JadeScape is a new condo development in Bishan by Qingjian Realty. Qingjian Realty focuses on the development of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate.

Qingjian Realty led the industry in 2013 with its CoSpace design and style in versatile layout choices. Qingjian Realty features the way for smart living with The Visionaire launch, Singapore’s first smart homes executive condo in 2016. Qingjian Realty’s sustainability efforts have also been awarded multiple BCA Green Mark Awards.

Qingjian Realty’s impressive track record projects include LeQuest, iNZ Residence, Ecopolitant, Nin Residence, Bellwoods, Bellewaters and many more.

JadeScape Show Flat
JadeScape Location Map
JadeScape is well situated at ShunFu Road and is only mins walk away from Marymount MRT Station and the new upcoming Upper Thomson MRT station. Plenty amenities around such as ShunFu Food Center and Thomson Plaza Shopping malls. Within 1km is the well-known Raffles Junior College (RJC). JadeScape residents will also enjoy the nature scenery provided by MacRitchie Reservoir Park and will find themselves living in one of Singapore’s most essentially self-sufficient town.

Discover the JadeScape 顺福轩 : Garden Homes at ShunFu and the JadeScape location map.

JadeScape Price List
JadeScape Show Flat
Kindly book an appointment here or give us a call at +65 6100 8717 prior to making your way right down to view JadeScape ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain days/time.

Online registrants who’ve booked an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and need not pay any commission. Please be advised that units for sale at JadeScape are on first come first serve basis.

Qingjian Realty JadeScape Previous Shunfu Area Enbloc
JadeScape could be the Qingjian Realty’s hottest property, the present personal residence on Shunfu Street, only 200 yards far from Marymount MRT Station. Shunfu Ville was a former community planning and construction company with $688 million or $791 per sq foot (ppsf) of $688 million for every piece of property. Qingjian Realty provided $638 million, and the owners focused on the contract.
After North Place in Yishun, Junction 8 stays among the popular stores of Singapore. In 2004, the population in Bishan was lengthy with a programme.
Qingjian Realty JadeScape
In Oct 2015 the 358 goods were published and no previous programs have been received. Qingjian Realty JadeScape was revived earlier this season and received the prize-winning idea for Qingjian Realty. It was acquired in Singapore by Qingjian Realty and claims the challenge will be released in the Bishan-Toa Paysoh location near Marymount MRT Section, whilst the JadeScape major venue. The property is positioned near a few areas where you could invest quality time together with your family and friends, such as high-tech bikes. For the children, this can be a wonderful day. Please see the benefit of the wise home for consumers that ordered the device.
JadeScape’s former Shunfu area complete condo layout
There will be a complete accessibility ability on JadeScape Shunfu Ville Marymount Lane. People will enjoy numerous features with an enormous need of 1,100 devices per thousand sqft. The tenants are offered a 50 m share in compliance with the website setup, following their daily activity. The spotlight of the task is clearly unavailable and the overview for the showground, but regional publications will begin to print the price list. For his or her regular workouts, the people at the JadeScape gym want an in-situ treadmill and an outside exercise. You may also present your family aware of tennis courts and tennis lessons. The condominium JadeScape offers you the chance to be touching the landscape and the endless 50-meter-long pond and stroll across the hammock. JadeScape design condo. Shunfu Garden Properties is a romantic area for family and buddies to rest.
Shunfu Area Condo JadeScape
Subsequent news of the best collective earnings because 2007, Shunfu Ville Marymount Path became a core function of the construction industry. The web-based JadeScape Property was sold for a considerable quantity of S$ 638 million to Qingjian Realty. That advanced was somewhat smaller compared to the initial S$ 688 million hold amount. The house has 747 dollars per sq foot. This pace of purchases. The synthesis has prevailed, as a joint purchase arrangement between the significant shareholders has been signed. The dog owner will acquire approximately then. Outsourcing $1.7 million of $638 million. They get a handle on 80% of the ground. These are the founders. The feedback from house survey stakeholders noticed Shunfu Ville near Marymount MRT section and customers on location. In the region between Shunfu Ville and Marymount MRT Place, JadeScape can also be the main position for weddings.
Shunfu Ville has a lot more than 1000 Singapore units
Qingjian Realty, the brand new owners, projected that it would offer over 1,000 units. This will be the most significant achievement of the party, because since 2014 a income site hasn’t been available. Additionally it is in the Bishan-Thompson area. The planet without government portals gives designers with a powerful supply of profits. In Shunfu Ville, Bishan-Thompson is recognized as a remarkably popular community for designers and distributors. In reality, those common regions have huge prospect of growth, which advantages Qingjian Truth. According to varied business analysts, the enbloc market is currently encountering a revival. In the late 1980s the company was recognized by the Shuntu Ville Marymount MRT Station. HUDC has always been productive in shared transactions. The 2nd largest bid in these days is Shunfu Ville Marymount Road. The thematic Yard Houses of Shunfu Jadescape Qingjian Reality presents the household a pleasing knowledge at home.
Singapore’s third strongest faction
The 3rd biggest Enblock in Singapore is 200 yards from Marymount’s MRT Station. In this wonderful formation, Shunfu Ville has over 1,000 items and many famous growth stores are nearby.
Independent of the firm of Shunfu
It can also be located close to the Shunfu Market Food Center, wherever there are lots of regional food and not just several amenities. In the Shunfu Mart Food Keep, Lai Heng Melted Kuay Teow and Leong Hainanese Chicken Grain can be found in many crucial stalls. The Shunfu Mart Food Industry has about 30 stalls.
JadeScape Property Qingjian Immobilien Creator
Organization Co of Qingjian. Personnel. Ltd, Germany. Ltd, Germany. Ltd.-Ltd. Qingjian Realty Supportive Organization was established in 1952 and based equally locally and worldwide on land development , construction, structure and visiting, logistics and construction.
Qingjian Immobilien was a visionary of China’s immobilization and a giant of Singapore. The professionally competent and turn-key offer was lucky to happen. Qingjian Realty has gained many different distinctions. Qingjian was presented to construction firms by the'Worldwide Quality Control Honor’in 2005. In 2012 Qingjian was the initial to earn the Qingdao Merit for the Qingdao City Critical Superiority Opposition, and has gained over 300 competition at the international level.
In Singapore, JadeScope spent some time working to produce and create a large selection of residential items like the Top 500 of the finest in the world. Qingja Actual plays an substantial position in the construction of housing and industrial home in regional cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Shenyang or Jinan in China for 14 years in a row.
20 efforts close to the discretion center were raised by need for the neighborhood.
Demand from former owners of Shunfu Ville Jade Scape 358 for Marymount Block and from District 20 Bishan because of this extremely anticipated Mega-Project has improved, as has the past challenge moved out in the city in 2012 at Tresalveo. The seven junction buying center and several more searching services come in the quick neighbourhood of the Shunfu District, Crime Ming Plaza, Thomson Plaza and the other.
JadeScape Condo of the Pleasant Qingjian Builder
Nin Residence Potong Pasir, Natura Loft Bishan, HDB-DBSS, Punggol RiverParc, Sengkong Residential Riversound, and Punggol Lake, all condominiums in the city, are among probably the most significant developments in Qingjian Realty. JadeScape Condominium has a characteristics with Ang Mo Kio as properly, including houses such asThe Panorama of Ang Mo Kio.
JadeScape Condo Track Trade
One of many major benefits of the JadeScape Housing Shunfu challenge at Marymount MRT is its place on the fringe of the key professional area in near area to Singapore’s main business district. Marymount Stop and Top Thomson MRT Station are about 200 yards aside, within strolling distance of Circle and Thomson East Shore Rail Lines. The coach shuttle is next to the building. Moreover, a few busses travel from Shunfu Path to JadeScape’s important buying section and other progress districts.
JadeScape Condominium Condo Marymount MRT Section Qingjian Realty
Qingjian Realty has contributed to the usage of innovative improvements to encourage smart houses in a healthier environment. Furthermore, Qingjian Realty seeks to supply tenants with contacts to golf courts, swimming pools and gyms with net systems for Qingjian Immo. The mobile program helps users to url to the platform and actually fixes issues.
Marymount MRT Place JadeScape Realty
Specifically in terms of social accountability, Qingjian Realty was powerful in the JadeScape Condo project. Qingjian would make the business a social responsibility through its warmhearted 20 million RMB system. The fat and prestige of the corporation have increased and funding has been obtained from the National Avant-Garden of the All Chinese Federation of Job Unions. They didn’t ignore their quake efforts when they realized 1.2 million RMB. If employees became involved. With funding of RMB 100 million, Qing Jian put up the Qingjian Charitable Foundation to aid pupils and educators in instances of trouble, by having an focus on performance.
Marymount JadeScape MRT Qingjian land section
The vision of the Qingjian realty for the future is that clever apartments ought to be created on Singapore’s 10th anniversary.
Special places for shipping
Tange Affiliates was founded by earning architect John Noritaka Tange
Situated in Singapore’s center
You will join Marymount MRT and Top Thomson MRT on foot.
Rapidly achieved four MRT row.
Period of the loop
South Point North
Western Coast Type of Thomson (U / C)
Cross country line. (Future). Cross-country line.
The North South Corridor and CTE have a strong connect to JadeScape.
Near shopping malls will be the retail stores (AMK Core and TPY Node).
Ai Tong Primary, Catholic School and Raples School are close. Shut are normal colleges. In the area.
Solid hire demand
Operating quickly to the Bishan-Ang Stream Park and MacRitchie, Mo Kio.
Large models range from 1-2, 3, 4, 5- and penthouse apartments.
Good ease and decoration home
Around 100 common plants.
View of the river MacRitchie and an outline of the organic earth
Detailed JadeScape individual app platform
Company of Raffles
The Raffles Institution is one of the very most famous Bishan colleges in Singapore, a few momemts go from the JadeScape Enblock. This school gives students with the 6-year GCE “A” curriculum after reaching the GCE “O” standard. It obtained the Honor for the Achievement of the Minister of Education.
Most of the leaders of Singapore were converted in to students who give their students complete trust.
MARYmount MRT station JadeScape Shunfu area.
The JadeScape place is also peculiar, since Marymount MRT Place is just 200 meters on the group line. Since Shunfu Ville is a classic property, there are many busses to Bishan and Main Business Area immediately along Marymount and Shunfu Road. It’s fast and still next door to different aspects of Singapore. The residence view JadeScape is likely to be available soon near MRT Station, relating to numerous frequent pages. The income of Qingjian Realty such as for example Bellewoods EC and Bellewaters EC have lately obtained reputation by concluding off. Here you’ll be experiencing the very best from a lovely view of the MRTs, prestigious university, shopping, eateries and the Resevoirs character park, exercise, family unity and investing. All the upmarket, luxury printed things and wise house characteristics are sponsored by JadeScape, the exclusive aspects of RCR manufacturing, but similar to OCR.
Qingjian Stage Style JadeScape and Software Qingjian
There are numerous prestigious options for children who head to kindergarten in Bishan and Toa Payoh. For instance, in the location are Raffles High School and Raffles junior school. The field is also located in both Catholic Large School and Whitley Large School. JadeScape is located in the area of Ang Mo-Kio, close Bishan and is also one of the very most affordable condominiums in the biggest market of MRT station. The growth of the group home in Ang Mo Kio between Bishan and Ang Mo Kio is like Belgravia Villa. N Gate way on Jurong East can also be another growth. The numbers of busses vacation through JadeScape because the adult property. Changes to the showflat schedule and check times will soon be reported in the immediate future. 1206 units for restricted growth of yet another 1000 items! JadeScape may also research whether or not all consumers are in the same entry level. Powerful rivalry and limited accessibility in potential industry wars.
A few minutes stroll away may be the Thomson Plaza, from the JadeScape buying centre. A low-level retail center is Marymount area and Thomson City.
Several point tenants, like Fairprice Finest and Challenger Keep, reside at Thomson Plaza. There is a 22 400m2 lot in Thomson Plaza with a well-mixed client area.
Types and floor options of JadeScape Shunfu Ville
But Marymount Street is really a broad place with several threats. JadeScape Condo. The designer charge a supplementary for a total domain, according to ABSD. That is attributable to the catalog maybe not consumed, and is often crucial in big property transactions. There are certainly a variety of patterns in the City of JadeScape. Creating of the website and flooring. Qingjian Realty also involves another five years to develop and market or to replace land prices at an ever-increasing value range. ABSD will be liable to all property costs in due time. Portable pcs and monitors are available on the showflat of JadeScape on numerous get a handle on systems. For precisely the home, begin to see the planned site strategy and costs.
Clubs of Ang Mo Kio and Serbgoon are just like the JadeScape condo.
In the rich section of Marymount and Bishan is located JadeScape. Several wealthier people can remain in the region, encouraging customers to communicate with local residents. You might choose a system place in a searching center or country club. In nearby clubs, such as the Singapore Area Country Club and the Serangoon Gardens Country Club, there are always a number of services and amenities. The spot of JadeScape is also a great selection for consumers that need community transport to the Thomson-Eastern Coast Point, from Caldecott MRT Section, Range Interchange.
JadeScape Residence Showflat Showflat
There are lots of settings to note at JadeScape, close Bishan MRT Station. The numerous styles of customers result from split organizations including one bedroom acquisition and one customer who wants a three or four bedding home. The show halls would be lined with products such as wall paper and chairs. This is simply not involved in the main design and can be utilized only. After each and every device is finished, different furniture including wall tiles, ground tiles, wardrobe and air conditioners will undoubtedly be mounted and assisted.
In the residential property of the Marymount Fringe of MRT
But Qingjian Realty had several concerns about the situation on the causes of their proper place, owing to Shuntfu’s solid demand. Various developers accept these programs are useful to corporations and therefore need to support them with implementation privileges. Perhaps that’ll be perfect for Qingjian Realty. By the five-year duration the agreement will ultimately be reached. It is based a couple of minutes from the town edge of Marymount. JadeScape Marymount MRT Stop is nearby. A number of the strengths will be the environment and MRT..
Shunfu Lane JadeScape Condo
JadeScape Shunfau shareholders remain delighted that the retail center next to the property is located. Thomson Plaza and junction 8, like, are conveniently reached by Shunfu road and provide entertainment for your family and friends. The Shunfu Food Center is alongside your house for owners who regard their daily needs.
Initially, the owners protested to shunfu Ville Enbloc and the matter was appealed to the High Court and all preparations for the development of the JadeScape Condo ended. The High Court has, however, also repealed the limitations and proposals for a standard Marymount region of the JadeScape.

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JadeScape 50m Skyline Pool
JadeScape is a new condominium development along ShunFu Road, fomer site of ShunFu Ville . The brand new 99-year leasehold condominium comprises 1206 residential units. The efficient layouts available are 1 to 5 bedrooms and also 2 Penthouses.

JadeScape is a 6 residential blocks with highest block at 23-storey development, within close proximity to Bishan MRT station and upcoming Upper Thomson MRT station. Plenty amenities around such as ShunFu Food Center and Thomson Plaza Shopping malls.

Future JadeScape Condominium residents will find well-known institutions within 1km such as Raffles Junior College (RJC).

Resident in JadeScape residents will also enjoy the nature scenery provided by MacRitchie Reservoir Park and will end up living in one of Singapore’s most fundamentally self-sufficient town. Find out more: Garden Homes at ShunFu.

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